Friday, January 12, 2007

More news about Death Note

ICv2 posted up a small explanation explaining some of the questions about Viz's license of Death Note. They also obtained the rights to the DVD and the article says "The Death Note DVDs, which have not yet been scheduled, will be the English dubbed version; the download will be the subtitled version."

Hopefully, what they mean is that "the DVD will include the dubbed version as well as the subbed version", because if they're going to release dub-only DVDs...that's going to cause some problems. For one thing, sub fans will probably want an actual, physical product as well. And dub fans…I don't know about everyone, but I actually like to watch both versions (normally I'll watch the dub first, then wait a bit and watch the sub version afterwards).

Hopefully this is just Viz not being very clear, because...they run the risk of ticking off a lot of fans (and not just the "anime should be free!!" ones).

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