Sunday, February 25, 2007

The American Anime Awards

Hey all,

I'm still not completely better (and I still don't know what's wrong with my head...but it's not a blood clot, CAT scan came back negative), but I wanted to at least do a post on the American Anime Awards.

I wanted to get this up last night, but...Blogger wouldn't let me sign on again. ^^;;'s a minute-by-minute reaction to the live stream of the American Anime Awards. I typed this out as I watched it...and I haven't edited all. Raw! Uncut! Wow!!

I've heard you can still see the recording if you go to the website:

7:15pm -- Appears to be starting soon. I'm getting tired of the jazz music. I guess that's so it appears 'classy'? Seems like they're going to have some Taiko drums starting soon...

7:19pm -- Ahh, finally starting. Oh, it's not just taiko drums, it's a whole group of traditional Japanese instruments, looks like.
I wonder if they're going to do like the typical TV Awards show does, where they'll zoom in on, say, Crispin Freeman laughing at a joke because..."Hey! Look! It's a celebrity!"
Actually, I wouldn't mind if they did. I want to see Chris Patton in the crowd.

7:21pm -- Ah. Here's the drums. I was starting to wonder if it would just be the flutist. I wish my volume would go up louder so I could hear it better.

7:30pm -- more setting up of stuff. I wonder if the Academy Awards have pauses in the middle like this?

7:33pm -- Oh. Luci and Hiliary's dresses are actually quite nice! I wasn't sure when I heard the gal from Next Top Designer or something would be doing the dresses...I was worried they'd do something too...crazy.

7:43pm -- Furuba and FMA won! Yay! Greg Aryes didn't win for best comedy. ;_; Disappointing...I haven't really watched Zatch Bell enough to know if Dave Wittenberg would've gotten my vote...

7:44pm -- ...And Debi "Derryberry" (...they spelled her name wrong, I think) won for Zatch Bell. ...Really? Not Hilary Haag? Or Luci Christian? ...Toonami fans?

7:45pm -- Whoa. Jessica Boone's dress XD Well, just as much as Kraehe, I suppose.

7:48pm -- Rewrite won for best theme. I can't be too surprised...FMA stands to sweep the awards.

7:49pm -- "If you were nominated you're still a winner." And then shelley Calleen-Black makes a (probably scripted) crack about it. Yeah. Poor Chris Patton. ;_;

7:50pm -- Advent Children won for best movie. ...Not my choice least it was something that came out this year! XD

7:52pm -- Project Runway. Not Next Top Designer. Hahahaha. Anyway, the dresses seem to work pretty well, regardless. Best Package Design, now....the winner is...Fullmetal Alchemist! I would've gone with Hellsing Ultimate, but FMA has some nice package design, too.

7:55pm -- Okay, I like Guyver. XD That's a pretty cool it just me, or are all of the comedies but one...not from this year?
Ahh, FLCL won best comedy. Not from this year...but still a great series.

7:59pm -- The voice of Speed Racer is getting a special achievement award. Considering how many people were introduced to anime by Speed Racer, it's not undeserved.

8:03pm -- Good point about the actresses 'reinventing the roles and making it their own'. I hope Luci gets the award....come oooon...Mary Elizabeth. Okay, that's not too bad. I'd rather Luci get it, but...I wasn't expecting Luci to win since poor Chris Patton didn't even get in the finalists. I'm just glad she got in the finalists! And that was a great choice.

8:05pm -- GREG AYRES. Nice hair, dude. XD Awww, I'm so sad he didn't win...okay, Best Actor time. Come on, Vic! VIC MIGNOGNA!! Aww, how sweet! He was crying. XD How sweet! Go Vic, we're proud of you!!! He thanked God and the fans (giving a shout out to the Risembool Rangers, his fanclub). How sweet! I scared my mother for scream-cheering when he won. XD

8:10pm -- FLCL got best short series. I dunno if I would've picked that, but it IS a great series.

8:13pm -- Best long Alchemist! YAY! Was that lady in the audience just a random Japanese lady...or Hiromu Arakawa?

8:15pm -- Show's over...that was short...but well worth it...just to see poor Vic cry. XD Gosh, I could just give him a big hug.

So, anyway, my reactions a day later? Happy for Vic. Love Greg's hair. Surprised by Zatch Bell. Everything else was kinda 'meh', but...that's because I'm not a HUGE shounen fan, so oh well.

Also...MORE HINTS. Because I'm still going to do the contest. >>;;; Please guess. Before I start making readers with spoons to guess. XD Remember, you can guess as many times as you want, so send me your guesses at ...or, you can leave a comment here on my blog to ask any questions about the character. Don't forget, the person that guesses right gets a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate! You could even...try out this anime!

The anime this character is from uses at least one piece of classical music for the score
He wears a mask at one point in the series
The character is a knight

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