Friday, February 2, 2007

Right Stuf sales!

Hi everyone! I've just found out about some great sales that Right Stuf is having!

For the first one, until Febuary 7th all items from Mythwear are 30% off! I actually use a Mythwear bag as my bookbag for college (this one, I think). I got it last summer, and it's survived being stuffed full of heavy text books and being held by the top handle, as well as being used as my "purse" at NDK last year, and still looks GREAT and hasn't broken at all. If you know how I abuse my bags sometimes, you'll understand how sturdy these things are. XD (And no, I don't have any endorsement payment or anything from this company. I just love the bag!)

Their second sale is that until February 11th all of Media Blaster's items are on sale--40% off for DVDs, and 33% off manga and other items. I haven't seen a lot of the anime they've licensed, but I've seen Rurouni Kenshin and it's a classic for a, they have Invader Zim as part of the sale, which is one of the best cartoons Nick has EVER had on their channel. (I might have to pick up one of the DVDs...)

I've ordered from Right Stuf before during one of their sales and got a great deal from them with good shipping. Never had any problems from them, probably one of the better stores you can order online from.

I'll try to remember to tell you guys from now on when they have other sales ^^;

Oh, and before I's time for another hint in the Mystery Character Contest!!

Your new hint is....
The anime the Mystery Character is from has 26 episodes on the DVDs

That narrows down the field a bit, doesn't it?

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