Friday, February 2, 2007

Mystery Character Contest!

First of all, I know, I know, I’m not updating again. I’ll be blunt: I’m lazy. But, I think I have an idea that will keep me posting regularly…and get some of you guys involved, as well!

See, it happened last night while I couldn’t sleep. I slipped on some ice the other day at school and hurt my neck somehow, and I had also stayed up too late the previous night participating in an RP, which meant I took a (too long) nap during the day. Between my neck, and having slept too much during the day, I couldn’t sleep. And then the idea came to me.

Why not a contest?

Yes! That’s right! I’m going to have a contest for you guys to guess which character I’m playing in the RPG I mentioned! Here’s how it will work:

At the end of every entry, there will be a clue about who the character is. I will be posting at least one entry a day, so you’ll be getting at least one hint a day. You can also comment on an entry or send me an e-mail to ask a question—however, if I feel that the answer would give too much away, I won’t answer it. Also, any questions that are e-mailed to me, I’m answering in an entry on my blog so everyone can see it (and no, those entries won’t have hints at the end as well).

If, after a week of no one guessing the right answer, all of the wrong guesses will be listed to help you guys eliminate who it’s not.

When you think you know who the character is, send me a guess at The first person to correctly guess the answer wins!

Also, my dear readers, this lucky person will not go away empty handed. The winner of this contest will receive…a $15 gift certificate! (Your choice on if you want it in an e-mail, or the snail-mail paper version.)

Of course, there are a few rules:

1. If you’re my friend, and I’ve TOLD you what it is…you can’t guess. That’s just unfair. :-P However, you guys CAN help with answering questions in the comments if you want, just keep it vague.

2. You can use search engines, message boards, friends, Wikipedia, and so on in trying to figure out the hints. However, there is one website you can not use. Do NOT use LiveJournal at all to figure out the character. I’ve mentioned it in my personal LiveJournal, I’ve mentioned it on a community on there, and the RPG is actually located on LiveJournal. This is going on the honor system, but if I catch any of you guys using LJ you’re disqualified. It’s no fun that way! (Some of these hints will be kind of obvious, anyway...)

3. HAVE FUN!!! ^_^

More rules will be added if I see the need, but that should be plenty for now.

Now, to start you off, I’m giving you guys TWO hints. Aren’t I generous?

First hint: The character is from an anime
Second hint: The character is male

Vague? Yes. But don’t worry not all the hints will be this vague. This is just so nobody gets it IMMEDIATELY.

I will also be posting another hint later today with another entry, so...get ready to guess! Good luck everyone!

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