Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Anime in Production, TOS Fangirling

So I feel like I posted something useful's a list from ANN of some new anime that's in production: click here.

The one I'm super-uber-excited for is the Tales of Symphonia OVA series...I'm a HUGE fan of the anime, and I'm really hoping Tales of Phantasia does well enough here that they'll bring over this one as well. Maybe even bring back Cam Clarke as Kratos? (Pretty pleeeeease?) He was really, really great in the video game...although he doesn't work in anime dubs much, so I don't know how likely it really is that he'll do it.

That's the extent of interesting things I have to say on the subject...not really feeling well today.

However, an entry's an entry, so here's a new hint for the Mystery Character Contest:

The series the Mystery Character is from has been licensed by ADV.

The plot thickens! So now you know a bit about this character....enough for you to send in a guess yet? No penalties for guessing, you know!

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