Saturday, February 3, 2007

Random Musings...oh, and a new hint!

Here’s a entry of a bunch of random musings I think may (or may not) be interesting to readers…but are too short to each have their own entry. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing, but you’re getting a hint out of this, so smile and nod and be polite.

First of all, has anyone seen those new McDonald’s ‘snack time’ commercials? You know, one of them has the guy digging out of the office with a spoon?
Is it just me…or is that guy Spike Spencer? The one with the spoon, I mean. Maybe I’m just going crazy, but it really LOOKS (and sounds) like the guy to me.
If it’s him, I’m glad he’s finding work in Hollywood. You hear so many things about how hard it can be to find a job as an actor…although, I’m sure he’d rather be working on a TV show or a movie, but work’s work. (Writers are sort of similar in a way…I want to be a novelist, but I might end up writing…for example…instruction books for TVs or something.)

Okay, next topic: my brother recently got Fullmetal Alchemist volume 11, and I decided to read some of it today. Hiromu Arakawa, like a lot of other manga-ka, starts off each volume of Fullmetal Alchemist with a little note. This is the note for volume 11: “True story – when I went to get a shiatsu massage after making my last deadline, the masseuse said to me, “Your right shoulder is really tense.” I almost replied to him, “That’s because it’s auto-mail!” because I was sleepy and my head was in a daze as I was thinking about some ideas for the next chapter.”

Now, I’m sure you all find this really funny…and it is…but you know what the sad thing is? I’ve kind of done that before.
When I was a kid, I was telling a story about something that happened to a friend and me. “And he said to me ‘Look, Lidia…’—“

“Lidia?” one of my classmates asked. “Who’s Lidia?”

Me: “*confused pause* Oh…I’m sorry…that’s one of my characters. He said ‘Haley.’

Classmate: …One of your characters?

Me: Yeah.


Me: ._. Is it…that weird?

*A few hours later, during study hall*

Classmate: Hey! Lidia!

Me: *looks up* What?


Yeah, that classmate of mine was a bit snobby. I have to admit, though, it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one that does something like that.
I wonder if that’s not just a writer thing? Do actors ever accidentally call themselves their characters or think they’re them? Does Johnny Depp ever answer if someone calls him ‘Jack’? Does Vic Mignogna wake up in the morning and wonder where Al is?
…No, probably not. Writers tend to be a little more…insane than actors, it appears. (…Well…then again…)

Another new topic I just thought of: You know that new iPod ad that has color in the shadows now? I like that one. It’s funny, though, with color you can see more details in the clothing…like you can see the argyle on one of the sweaters.
I wonder how much a wardrobe department has to worry on a commercial like that? Less than the typical ad, or more?
“NO you fool!! This pair of jeans has the wrong fading! We need four whiskers, not three!”
Okay, now I’m just getting really random, I better stop.

EDIT: Okay, I just saw something REALLY awesome, so I thought I should edit here and show it to you guys.
I just noticed that on a few recent Bang Zoom! dubs, one of the actors is credited as 'Jack Bauer'. I have no idea who it is--I haven't seen any of those shows recently enough to remember the voice--but whoever it is, they're awesome. Best pseudonym ever.

Okay, now I'm done.

As promised, you’re getting another hint for the Mystery Character Contest! All because you sat here and listened to me.

Your new hint is…
The mystery character has green eyes.

Now there’s a hint that’s actually useful, eh?
Don’t worry, as time goes on, I have some hints that will narrow it down considerably, as well. I'm just holding off on using those for a few days so it won't be too obvious at first. Hopefully that doesn't narrow it down TOO much...

See you next post!

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