Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Death Note has been licensed!....Kinda

I wasn't planning on doing another post today, but this news is far too exciting to put off.

Viz Media has announced that they have obtained download-to-rent and download-to-own rights for the Death Note anime--while the anime is still airing on Japanese TV! No mention about any DVDs, or if the releases will be dubbed, subbed, or both, but it's still exciting news.

My guess is this is probably to curb fansubbing of the anime (although some anime companies have no problem with fansubs as long as the show isn't licensed for the US). Regardless, this probably means that most fansubbers will stop subbing and distributing the subs they have.

I'm not a big fan of downloading movies and anime...I'd much rather have a DVD. It's just something more solid. That being said, if the price seems reasonable, I wouldn't mind doing a download-to-rent deal to be able to keep up with Death Note. I've seen some fansubs of the show and it's an excellent, excellent show.

It'll be intersting to see if this takes off. I wonder if this is the future of anime?

source: Ain't it Cool News

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