Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I figured I should probably leave a quick note about the Amazon search box I just put on my sidebar.

While my main motivation behind the blog is to practice my writing and build up experience, I am unemployeed currently, and I consider this blog my 'job'.

I'll be straight with you--with the amazon search box, if someone searches for something from there, and then buys something from Amazon, I get a (very small) percentage of the sales. I don't really expect to gain much money from this (if any), and I CERTAINLY do not want to pressure anyone to buy from Amazon. There are other stores out there that have competitive prices as well (and, in fact, I'm planning on letting you all know when I hear about good sales or deals). But, if you are planning on making a purchase from Amazon, and you enjoy my blog, please consider using the search bar, or one of the other links to Amazon I'll be putting up soon.

Again, no pressure--it's just a way for me to (possibly) earn some money from this.

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