Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello all, and welcome to l33t beat! In this blog, my goal is to bring you reviews, news and opinions on subjects relating to ‘geek culture’. What do I mean by that? Well, essentially anything that I think appeals to geeks (nerds, otaku, dorks, or whatever phrase you wish to use) like me. I’m mostly going to be focusing on video games, anime, manga, animation and fantasy fiction and film, although I may cover other topics I think would be of interest. (For example, I’ll probably write something for when the Colorado Renaissance Festival comes around again.)

Why do I want to start a blog? Well, I hoping that when I graduate from college (or even before) I can get started in a career in writing. With this blog, I hope to build up a portfolio, as well as to have it help me continue to practice my writing. Plus, there’s nothing quite like being able to say “I’m working” when you’re turning on your Nintendo DS.

Below this post, you’ll see an explanation for the formats of each sort of review you’ll see in this blog. I’ll also be linking to the appropriate one in each review. Please feel free to give me feedback on the review formats, or anything else you see in the l33t beat—either by posting a comment to entries, or by sending me an e-mail at I’d love to hear from any of my readers, even if you think I write like crap. I have to learn somehow, right?

My goal is to have at least 3 posts a week here, although I should be able to do more, at least until college starts back soon. Expect my first main entry tomorrow—when I’ll give you my opinion on how the American Anime Awards seem to be shaping up. Hope to see you then!

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